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"where is the rider of that horse, he's tall, he's blond, he smokes a cigar and he's a pig" , Eli Wallach

sunny 76 °F

well we finally did it . we bought the right tickets to Santa Fe and will go tomorrow for half a day, by train, to see a little more of New Mexico. Last time we did everything wrong including missing the stupid train. I will have some photo's soon. I'm hoping the Las Conchas fire is down some but I'm not getting my hopes up too much. Santa Fe was pretty smokey last time in town as well.

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"I'll be needin' my rifle fer squirrels an setch"

sunny 88 °F

no photo's yet

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"you're all alone now Wales, ... not quite" click click click , from The Outlaw Josey Wales

sunny 96 °F

we fixed iphoto again only to have it break again, so no photo's sorry.

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fire (works)

77 °F

we went out for fireworks watching and were pleasantly surprised cause, unlike NH where one only sees one set of displays we saw at least 6 different firework displays from up here on the mesa. from 10 + miles away

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July 4th

"see in this world my friend there are two kinds of people, those with loaded guns and those who dig.... you dig" Clint Eastwood

sunny 78 °F

Happy 4th to everyone
our dream camper33GKE


here's our favorite picture taking spot...in NH White Mountains, that's Mt. Washington in the background

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