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overcast 86 °F

last night we had Bill & Chris and Don & Barbara over for dinner and it was nice. Then during the night around 1am ° we had numerous enumerating lighteninginging strikes, quite a show for another sleepless night here in Seattle oh .... no . today same thing big storms over in Tejeras but not here yet.

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overcast 75 °F

IMGP4462.jpgIMGP4461.jpgIt looks like the northeast dark windy raining 10 miles away , oh that's right you can't see that far in NH

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so where's Icabod Crane

semi-overcast 90 °F

I thought I saw the headless horseman around here somewhere.......IMGP4449.jpgIMGP4450.jpgIMGP4451.jpgIMGP4452.jpgIMGP4453.jpgIMGP4454.jpgIMGP4455.jpgIMGP4456.jpgIMGP4457.jpgIMGP4458.jpgIMGP4459.jpgIMGP4460.jpg

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Elephant Butte SP

overcast 88 °F

We went to the park today , swam for almost two hours and have the sunburn to show for it. 158 miles ea. way . nice day , the mtn.s are very big south of here also IMGP4399.jpgIMGP4400.jpgIMGP4403.jpgIMGP4404.jpgIMGP4405.jpgIMGP4406.jpgIMGP4407.jpgIMGP4408.jpgIMGP4409.jpgIMGP4410.jpgIMGP4411.jpgIMGP4412.jpgIMGP4413.jpgIMGP4414.jpgIMGP4415.jpgIMGP4416.jpgIMGP4419.jpgIMGP4420.jpgIMGP4421.jpgIMGP4424.jpgIMGP4425.jpgIMGP4427.jpgIMGP4428.jpgIMGP4429.jpgIMGP4431.jpgIMGP4432.jpgIMGP4433.jpgIMGP4434.jpgIMGP4435.jpgIMGP4436.jpg
and it rained like hell for a while ! and 20 mpg @ 69 mph in the truck

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Sandia Crest.... so I got a little carried away...

overcast 89 °F

went up to placitas and took the road up to the top 5000' gained. it looked like it might storm as lightning started occurring while we were on the summit ,but it didn't rain more than a few drops. 10678' IMGP4358.jpg Donna by her favorite treeIMGP4359.jpgIMGP4361.jpgIMGP4362.jpgIMGP4365.jpgIMGP4366.jpgIMGP4367.jpg view east IMGP4368.jpgIMGP4369.jpgIMGP4370.jpgIMGP4371.jpgIMGP4372.jpgIMGP4374.jpgIMGP4375.jpgIMGP4376.jpgtraveling....nearing the summitIMGP4378.jpgfrom the gift shop . the coolest one I've been in...IMGP4379.jpgthere were about 12-15 hummingbirds (they are everywhere here) flying around the feeders at the summitIMGP4382.jpgIMGP4384.jpgIMGP4385.jpgIMGP4386.jpglooking out towards the cityIMGP4387.jpg DonnaIMGP4388.jpgIMGP4389.jpginside the gift shopIMGP4390.jpgthis Mtn. gets 120 " of snow / yr IMGP4391.jpgIMGP4392.jpgIMGP4393.jpgIMGP4394.jpgIMGP4395.jpg they say you can see 11,000 square miles from the top IMGP4396.jpgIMGP4397.jpgIMGP4398.jpg then as the sky got darker...... later we pasted 'BBQ Ribs', sign and stopped and had ribs there, in Cedar Crest, NM we did 95 miles that day

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